Counseling for Sexual Addiction

Partners of persons with Sexually Compulsive Behaviors


Persons with Sexually Compulsive Behaviors

We provide education and support for spouses or partners of persons with sexual addictive behaviors.  If your spouse or partner has disclosed to ou that they are experiencing problems with sexual addictive behaviors or you suspect they may have these concerning behaviors, then we can assist you in treating the trauma that you have likely experienced.

Partners often experience traumatic symptoms that result from the direct impact of sex addiction.  Sex addiction-induced trauma is particularly acute around discoveries (finding out about sexual acting out), disclosures (being told about sexual acting out) and around the pattern of deception.  Some partners feel as if they are going crazy trying to make sense of the addict's behaviors. Partners of sex addicts often present with a set of symptoms that match symptoms similar to other traumas.

We focus on trauma-related symptoms.  We understand that there is an increasing need to for help in resolving the concerns of being in a relationship with a person with sex addiction and compulsive sexual behavior patterns.  We use a task-based model along with other modalities to help partners or spouses cope with and heal from the trauma of disclosures and discoveries.

We provide education, support, and tools for persons with sexual compulsive behaviors. These tools will assist you in achieving sobriety from these behaviors while learning and practicing healthy behaviors.  We treat out of control, repetitive and compulsive behaviors which may indicate sexual addicition.  These behaviors may include compulsive and unhealthy masturbation, pornography use, simultaneous or repeated affairs, cybersex, multiple anonymous partners, unsafe sexual activity, objectification of others, strip clubs and adult book stores, sexual aversion, and/or prostitution.

We use a task-based model developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, an expert in the field of Sex Addiction.  By combining group and individual therapies, the person with the addictive behavior has a greater chance of recovering from the compulsive behaviors and maintaining changes.

Recovery is possible when treated successfully by a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and with surrender to the process.  You can recover and establish healthy and intimate relationships.