Group Support for Sex Addicts

“Open Minds”

A Men’s Support Group for Persons in Recovery from Compulsive Sexual Behaviors

Understand recovery as a process

Address fear of intimacy concerns

Develop and practice healthy recovery skills

 Build relationships with honesty and intimacy

 Develop and embrace self-identity as a man in recovery

 Enhance character strengths

This is a group where you ca n learn about sexual addiction and find support from others who have had similar experiences, just like your own.  You will join others in the journey of recovery from compulsive sexual behaviors and infidelity and gain the tools for changing these behaviors.  You will gain insight to the cause and purpose of your behaviors, explore your challenges, learn about the role of sexual addiction in your life, increase your ability to be honest in your relationships and learn to set healthy boundaries.

I believe one of the most important needs of persons with sexual addiction is support.  In this group, you will talk with others who understand your experience, persons who will not judge or blame you.  You will begin to reduce the shame you may have about your behaviors.

This is a confidential support and educational opportunity group led by a licensed professional counselor certified in the treatment of sex addiction. (CSAT).  The work you will do in this group is based on Dr. Patrick Carnes' task-based approach to the treatment of sex addiction, a very successful model for recovery from sex addiction.

The group utilizes the workbook, Facing the Shadow, and Recovery Zone , both authored by Dr. Patrick Carnes and many other materials.  The group is structured by the counselor so that all participants will have the opportunity to share and explore their concerns while learning about sexual addiction.  Group members begin with a check-in for their own accountability.  This is important because as you look around at the faces of the members of the group, you begin to connect with others.  We then process and share one another’s work that has been completed between group sessions.

The group will work on issues with a variety of topics brought by group members and suggested by the counselor pertaining to issues group members are experiencing in their immediate lives.  You will be accountable to others which will add dramatically to the success of your Journey to healthy sexuality and intimacy.  We close the meeting with a reading that provides promises and hope for your future.

 Call 602-677-3557  for times and dates.

 Consultation required prior to admission to the group--must also be working individually with a CSAT.

 Recovery is not an event, it is a process.