Group Support for Partners

Open Hearts
A Partner’s Support Group for Persons in a Relationship with a person in Recovery from Compulsive Sexual Behaviors or Infidelity
I believe one of the most important needs of persons when they discover that their spouse or partner has been engaging in sexual addictive behaviors, is support.  In this group, you will talk with others who understand your experience, persons who will not judge or blame you.
Hearing others share their experience with discoveries, emotions, fears, trauma and doubts is very important to your healing.  This group will validate you and allow you to realize that you are not alone.  You may find comfort in sharing your story with others as well as listening to the experiences of others who are likewise dealing with loving and living with a person with sexual addiction.
This is a confidential support and educational opportunity group led by a licensed professional counselor certified in the treatment of sexual addiction.  This group will support those who are affected by the addictive behaviors of their spouse or partner.  Healing will begin as you are able to talk about your pain and concerns and you will be better able to cope through participation in this group.
The group is structured by the counselor so that all participants will have the opportunity to share and explore their concerns while learning about sexual addiction.  Group members begin with a check-in for their own accountability.  This is important because as you look around at the faces of the members of the group, you begin to connect with others who are hurting and you no longer feel so alone.
Call for group information at 602-677-3557